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My taste in music is varied and wide reaching.  I used to tune into BBC Radio 1 when  I woke up, and let it play throught the day… summer would come around and I would drive around the streets of the UK with the sounds playing loud…

MP3 came along, and with it, the ability to download music as and when you wanted it.  If you heard a new tune, it became easy to log on to your favorite (legitimate and legal) download site and be the proud owner of the sound of the moment.

Pandora changed the way I listened to music – and then locked me out again for not being a US resident, and as quickly as I had found a platform that played what I wanted to hear, I was left in the dark once again.  Although there were other platforms out there, none of them caught my attention until I was introduced to Deezer.

Deezer lets you listen to any song with just one click.  Their music library could certainly do with more content, but they are certainly working on it, and their UI is pretty damn good.  I am a fan of their site, and it’s my first port of call for all my music listening.

Last week, I was introduced to, and their selection of new music blows me away.  I found a number of albums that I quickly added to my wish list, and the site seems to be geared to new artists, trying to get their name out, but there is one drawback that keeps me from making this my go-to-place for music.  Their website is *not* as user friendly as other music listening platforms.  Perhaps I just need a little more time to get used to it.

In a perfect world, I’d love to see Deezer have the selection offered by, and I could happily throw my analogue radio out the window.


2004 doesn’t seem that long ago, but in reality, it’s a long time since Google started to send out Beta invitations to blogger users, then allowing them to invite their friends. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I could sell my gmail invitations for $20 a time on ebay, but at the end of the day, time has flown by, and now it’s 2008, and gmail is very much public.

Unless you live in the UK or Germany, anyone can can sign up for an address, and every so often, I’ll get an email from a British friend still emailing from or asking me to set up a gmail account for them, rather than the domestic address they are offered at home.

Gmail revolutionized email. Although I have had my (primary) gmail account since the early days, I stopped using my own domain and redirected all my emails to gmail 800 days ago. Every day since then, I have received daily currency updates from

The internet changed the world. This week my Grandmother emailed me a YouTube video. For her, it was a pure miracle. She watched a video, no need for a VCR, on her computer, clicked a button, and it ‘flew’ from her apartment on the South Coast of England, to my screen right here in Israel.

Two years ago, I could not have imagined needing the 1gb of storage that Google sent my way. Would I have though that Gchat would come along and allow me to chat with my AIM contacts? What about the gmail app for my Nokia?

Now I have more than double that saved in my account, and have another 4gb to go before I hit my max.

The internet is a beautiful thing, let’s see what I think of it 800 days from now.

Sometimes the things that wow me surprise me.  I am  no stranger to technology, gadget or the internet.  I love the startup mentality and there are many reasons I choose to work for them as opposed to big name, possibly more secure, corporations.  We’re changing the world.  Be it how you shop, or look for information, those of us working in the field are all offering something that didn’t used to exist.

I just gchatted with a friend, and one line of that conversation inspired this post:

When I first started using the net, the dialup connecting was shaky.  Now I can sit in my office in Jerusalem and have a quick conversation with a friend of mine sitting on a plane in Texas.  If I need to send an email I pick up my cell and connect to gmail for facebook right there.  I love startups, because I get the sense that we are giving to the world of technology, innovating processes that people don’t realize can be improved until version 2 comes along.

IM was always pretty cool.  Meebo came along and made it  better.  Online shopping made life much easier, Amazon took it to the next level.  Whatever the social norm is now, it’s going to change, and I am pretty sure it’s going to get better.  This is my way of saying props to all my friends in hi tech – and looking forward to whatever it is that comes next!