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Sometimes the things that wow me surprise me.  I am  no stranger to technology, gadget or the internet.  I love the startup mentality and there are many reasons I choose to work for them as opposed to big name, possibly more secure, corporations.  We’re changing the world.  Be it how you shop, or look for information, those of us working in the field are all offering something that didn’t used to exist.

I just gchatted with a friend, and one line of that conversation inspired this post:

When I first started using the net, the dialup connecting was shaky.  Now I can sit in my office in Jerusalem and have a quick conversation with a friend of mine sitting on a plane in Texas.  If I need to send an email I pick up my cell and connect to gmail for facebook right there.  I love startups, because I get the sense that we are giving to the world of technology, innovating processes that people don’t realize can be improved until version 2 comes along.

IM was always pretty cool.  Meebo came along and made it  better.  Online shopping made life much easier, Amazon took it to the next level.  Whatever the social norm is now, it’s going to change, and I am pretty sure it’s going to get better.  This is my way of saying props to all my friends in hi tech – and looking forward to whatever it is that comes next!


The fuss over Facebook Beacon has calmed down somewhat, but people are really dumb.   You can’t complain about an invasion of privacy when you have published your information.  My Facebook account probably yields less information that a google search of my name.  I control what people can see.

My Facebook buddies are, for the most part, people I have met.  Sure, the 500+ friends I have, are not all people I hang out with all the time, but we have connected.  Some are business connections, others are people I may have been to school with, and then there are my day to day contacts, that have my cell number and email address already.

We all behave differently, interact differently, and think differently about our privacy, but when push comes to shove, make sure you blame the right person for the invasion of privacy.

I caved… I wasn’t going to talk about this, but I changed my mind. People commented on my Facebook status, and I decided to follow up with a post. This read TechCrunch’s report that Facebook was ditching the is, and thought little of it. Just yesterday I was reading on the importance of updating your status (hat tip to Jeff). Some update their status more often than others, and I am often amused at how easy it is for a Facebook status to launch into a topic of conversation. Never have I minded the ‘is’.

English is a flexible language, and I can pretty much always find a way to say what I want to. If the ‘is’ was a big issue, I could sync my twitter and facebook status, but I have never really minded. This guy clearly does (for those of you that do not read Hebrew, he is happy with the possible change).

We still don’t know if is is here to stay, or if is is dead. All of facebook seems confident that it is on the way out (full article), and it’s a hot topic on Wired, TechMeme, and scores of other blogs.

Just think, how many corporate dollars have been lost by as all blogging about this tiny little word.

UPDATE: If this is true, is is dead.  Join the facebook group in memorial of the is.