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There’s no hiding it, I’m a sucker for Schwag.  Schwag rocks, there’s no debating it, and for a while, I eagerly waited for my Startup Schwag every single month.  When I noticed Barry’s post about Google Fridges starting to melting, I followed his tip and headed to eBay to see how much a Google fridge would set me back.

I didn’t find a Google Fridge, but I did find some blog fodder.  Search “Google” on eBay, and for a mere $0.06, and ***Free Shipping!***, you can be the proud owner of a Gmail account.

Sure, back in the invite-only days of Gmail, you could get yourself some beer money for your limited “ten per person” invitations, but now, I feel like it’s much easier to click “Sign up here” on the homepage.

I guess people will do anything for some positive feedback!

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