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Monthly Archives: December 2007

For once I thought I had found a cool video before Mike at TechCrunch picked it up… but nope, he’s much faster than I am.  Needless to say, this is pretty cool, a tad annoying, but pretty cool.  Hat tip to Israeluv for sending this video my way.


This movie might have got in here early enough to be remembered as one of the high points of 2007, along with lolcat and 2girsl1cup.

Happy Holidays


The fuss over Facebook Beacon has calmed down somewhat, but people are really dumb.   You can’t complain about an invasion of privacy when you have published your information.  My Facebook account probably yields less information that a google search of my name.  I control what people can see.

My Facebook buddies are, for the most part, people I have met.  Sure, the 500+ friends I have, are not all people I hang out with all the time, but we have connected.  Some are business connections, others are people I may have been to school with, and then there are my day to day contacts, that have my cell number and email address already.

We all behave differently, interact differently, and think differently about our privacy, but when push comes to shove, make sure you blame the right person for the invasion of privacy.

You’ve probably seen this on TechCrunch already, but I liked it. They even had the foresight to name the post!

Thanks to TechCrunch for the re-post.