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I caved… I wasn’t going to talk about this, but I changed my mind. People commented on my Facebook status, and I decided to follow up with a post. This read TechCrunch’s report that Facebook was ditching the is, and thought little of it. Just yesterday I was reading on the importance of updating your status (hat tip to Jeff). Some update their status more often than others, and I am often amused at how easy it is for a Facebook status to launch into a topic of conversation. Never have I minded the ‘is’.

English is a flexible language, and I can pretty much always find a way to say what I want to. If the ‘is’ was a big issue, I could sync my twitter and facebook status, but I have never really minded. This guy clearly does (for those of you that do not read Hebrew, he is happy with the possible change).

We still don’t know if is is here to stay, or if is is dead. All of facebook seems confident that it is on the way out (full article), and it’s a hot topic on Wired, TechMeme, and scores of other blogs.

Just think, how many corporate dollars have been lost by as all blogging about this tiny little word.

UPDATE: If this is true, is is dead.  Join the facebook group in memorial of the is.


  1. Long live the is. I liked the challenge.

  2. Yesterday, on FaceBerry, I was getting double “is”

  3. Double is? Could that have been a FaceBerry glitch?

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