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My ‘new cellphone high’ is still very active. OperaMini keeps me happy and I can now check my Gmail from the bathroom and Facebook from the bus, but my tech buzz just got killed.

CrunchGear reports, that Wired reports, that Mt. Everest is getting a cellphone tower, and I think this sucks. Mt. Everest was on that list of mine of place that are still natural, man hasn’t ripped it apart to build high rises and business centers. For sure, we’re a long way off Everest becoming the next Silicon valley, but do we need every inch of the world to be covered with cellphone masts for blackberry loving work-a-holics?

I love technology, and life without out it would be very different, but doesn’t this cross a line? (For a throw back to 1994, check out College Humor’s 24 spoof from last week.)

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  1. The Ever Everest…but that Sony Ericsson now makes the mast in C E M E N T (concrete)..!..

  2. What’s your cell phone high from? Which one did you get?

    I’m looking for one that will do what you’re doing.. Gmail and Facebook..err maybe not Facebook, I don’t want people to know where I am every moment of my life… and being so connected, I would probably change my status 10 times day.

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