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I have a new cellphone. It’s my first 3G phone, and no, it is not an iphone. It is not a Blackberry. It’s not a w500i, and I am very happy with it. I switched network too, and let’s see how things go.

Back in the day when I sold cellphones, I would push Nokia handsets, for two reasons. First off, I like them, secondly, the commissions were better, but now, I still prefer Nokia’s, and am the proud owner of a new Nokia 6120 classic. From a tech point of view, the symbian OS is a dream to use. Navigation is a little more complicated than older, less functional, cellphones, but the myriad of buttons soon becomes second nature, and you can make shortcuts for almost everything.

The thing that gets me most excited about my jump from the age of the digital cellphone to the ‘3G age’ is the internet functionality. I have always been a heavy WAP, then GPRS users, but there have always been limitations. My new handset will load pretty much any site I have tried. Flickr is a bit eh, but once you log in, there is a redirect to their mobile site. Gmail have an app which makes emailing from the bus a dream, and yes, Facebook works like a treat.

For the last couple of days, I have been much more active on the ‘book – when I walk to work I catch up on messages, see who just flew to NY or London, and find out that friend lost all the data on her ipod. Walking to work, paper in hand, mp3 streaming music to my ears and the awesome Nokia 6120 in my hand has been a delight – except the occasional instance of almost walking into trees, people or cars.

I use my cell a lot, so I want something I am happy with – my network was unable to provide me with a handset that didn’t stop functioning within six months, so I switched my loyalties after close to 4 years.

Facebook from my cell rocks… technology can only get better, right?


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