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facebook-icons-ps.jpg One fear, quite justified, when Facebook opened their API to the public, was that the privacy and style of the book would be jeopardized.  User’s had only just calmed down from the introduction of newsfeeds and were still pretty scared of Big Brother, when Facebook made even more information available for to a third party.

Now I have noticed that many users fill up their page with so much cr*p and applications, that the gap has become even smaller.

Just last week, a co-worker asked me how many of the 550+ friends on my account did I know.  Confidently, I said all but a handful, and when I checked, I realized, that was indeed true.  Other than one or two ‘randomers’ I had picked up over time, I have met, in person, all of my friends.  I guess I know lots of people!

Facebook was a closed network, only friends linked each other, but over the last few days, I have discovered it can be quite easy to become friends with someone.  Some will message an unknown persona to ask where they met, but a simple response of “in class” or “at the beach party” will suffice for most of the curious.  Even more surprisingly, many won’t face the embarrassment of have forgotten who this mystery person is, and will add them.

Facebook has lost it’s class.  Professionals are torn between Facebook and  Linked In, and personally, I am starting to favor the latter for the business world.  Even better, perhaps it’s time to go back to the old fashioned days of gmail!

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  1. The issue I find with choosing fbook or linkedin is that linkedin is a closed network unless you pay to get introduced where as fbook if you send a compelling message to a potential work contact you can much more easily connect to them. And from there you can then connect to them via linkedin.

    The issue at hand is – how do you use facebook? Do you use it to show off your crazy life or does it represent you in a professional manner. All the “real” users of fbook use it to expand on their interests and personal lives. It is a fine line. Too bad facebook has not (but is in the process of) creating the ability for the users to group their friends together and only share certain info with them.

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