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Monthly Archives: November 2007

I caved… I wasn’t going to talk about this, but I changed my mind. People commented on my Facebook status, and I decided to follow up with a post. This read TechCrunch’s report that Facebook was ditching the is, and thought little of it. Just yesterday I was reading on the importance of updating your status (hat tip to Jeff). Some update their status more often than others, and I am often amused at how easy it is for a Facebook status to launch into a topic of conversation. Never have I minded the ‘is’.

English is a flexible language, and I can pretty much always find a way to say what I want to. If the ‘is’ was a big issue, I could sync my twitter and facebook status, but I have never really minded. This guy clearly does (for those of you that do not read Hebrew, he is happy with the possible change).

We still don’t know if is is here to stay, or if is is dead. All of facebook seems confident that it is on the way out (full article), and it’s a hot topic on Wired, TechMeme, and scores of other blogs.

Just think, how many corporate dollars have been lost by as all blogging about this tiny little word.

UPDATE: If this is true, is is dead.  Join the facebook group in memorial of the is.


Today, it is all about the Kindle. TechCrunch gave it a triple posting yesterday, and then again over at CrunchGear, and I can understand what all the hype is about – but I really don’t care. Perhaps it is all a little bit too ‘Minority Report’ for me, or perhaps I am more old fashioned that I thought I was – I never want one of these.

I like books. Right now I am getting through a paperback a week, and it’s not just the act of reading that gives me pleasure, but I like to own the books too. I like having books all over my apartment, on the coffee table, lining the walls and piled up on my end table. I don’t like the thought of having all my books PDF’d and stored on various hard drives and servers. I like to sit at the back of a bus on a park bench and turn the pages of my favorite novel and soak up the literature.

So far, feedback on the Amazon page ( is mixed, it has a 2.5 rating after 300+ reviews, and beta testers seem to love it. $400 is a bit steep though, and the must haves of the digital age come with a hefty price tag. Add up the cost of the cellphone, mp3 player, camera and now the ebook reader, and you’d probably want to get in touch with an insurance broker.

To top it all off, I am not the only one that thinks it is as ugly as hell!  Was the design inspired by the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

Maybe the kindle will be the next ipod (crap product, great marketing?), or perhaps it will disappear like the mini disc, time will tell.

My ‘new cellphone high’ is still very active. OperaMini keeps me happy and I can now check my Gmail from the bathroom and Facebook from the bus, but my tech buzz just got killed.

CrunchGear reports, that Wired reports, that Mt. Everest is getting a cellphone tower, and I think this sucks. Mt. Everest was on that list of mine of place that are still natural, man hasn’t ripped it apart to build high rises and business centers. For sure, we’re a long way off Everest becoming the next Silicon valley, but do we need every inch of the world to be covered with cellphone masts for blackberry loving work-a-holics?

I love technology, and life without out it would be very different, but doesn’t this cross a line? (For a throw back to 1994, check out College Humor’s 24 spoof from last week.)

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