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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Finally, a facebook app that is worth writing about. When Facebook opened their API to the world, we were flooded with annoying third party applications that turned the simplicity of facebook into the ugliness of mySpace… This problem hasn’t gone away, but steps have been taken to make Facebook less spammy.

Now we have an app that I would love to spam everyone about!

The missing link between web and cell has been filled with this awesome Facebook to SMS application, and it works well too. Click the image above to add it. Enjoy!


We’ve all seen this box, and when you’re new to photoshop, it’s quite confusing.

Right now, I am going to focus on two areas of Color Mode, RGB and CMYK.  In an nutshell, RGB is the generally used for on screen, and CMYK for print.

RGB makes all your colors  from the three primary colors, Red, Green and Blue.  CMYK is similar, in that all the colors are made of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.  When starting a new document, have a think.  Is this for web, or for print, then decide which color mode is most appropriate.



It might sound stupid to cover this stuff, but it’s the basics that make all the difference.  If you know this already just hang on, with time, this will get more complex.  Many of these menus are self explanatory, but others just need a short explanation, then the penny should drop.

File: This menu is similar to the file menu you will find in most applications.  This is mostly the Save, Save As, Open operations, with a few extras.  You can change the number of recent files being shown by changing the preferences in the Edit menu.

Edit:  Again, pretty standard.  On top of the usual copy, paste and preferences, there is some more complex stuff here that we’ll cover later on.

Image: Anything to do with changing an image is found here, for example, changing the size of an image is done through this menu.

Layers: To add, change, align or do anything to do with a layer, check out this menu.

Select: This is home to all sorts of selection tools and will prove to be very useful.

Filter: Great effects and filters for your image are right here.

View: Zoom, rulers, guides.  What you do, or don’t want to see on your document.

Window: This is a vital tool… any of those docked windows that you need on your worktop can be selected, or deselected here.  Awesome stuff ig you’re in a panic!  If you want to clear or show all the open toolbars, hit the tab key.  They will appear/disappear.

Help: It’s all about the F1!